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July 27, 2010


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Nah - this is the best fin I've sen in 25-yrs...


Doh - I meant this one....


Hey BeeJ, I followed the link and read the story behind the movie 'When God Went Surfing With The Devil'. That's nice stuff!

Forgot to comment on the fin. That turbine in the middle may look cool on the beach but it just seems to add drag and reduce lift..

Nice link, I really like Driftsurfing. A counterpoint to the fin mentioned by Miguel is the profile about Tom Wegener, called Finless.

Right that's it. I'm off to the Timber merchants for some Iroko...

On another point though, look around Drift Magazine and you'll see lots about 'Hulls' for surfing. I've been wondering if shorter displacement boards (As opposed to those crazy 80s Div II things) would be a good call for light wind wavesailing - perhaps better than a SUP sail or longboard wavesail? Same glide effect and reliance on momentum but shorter for different feeling turns? And, if planing's not an issue, as those fo us who've enjoyed some longboard wavesailing ands general longboard malarkey are used to, then could weight be less of an issue and these boards be sculpted from wood to prevent usage of toxic resins?

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