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August 02, 2010


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No story with the 'customization'?

Well, there are actually two "customizations" being repaired. There's a crack on the side that my thigh put into the board when I got smashed by a closing wave as well as the dinged nose, which was originally the result of a collision with the Wolf (I didn't write about that incident,) the subsequent repair of which seems to have come undone after some rough and tumble in the beach break lately.

I'm mostly interested in this because I've never worked with fiberglass cloth before (I've strictly been an epoxy-plus-filler kinda guy). I'm looking forward to sanding this down...hopefully the work will be seaworthy.

Be sure you fill the weave first with another coat or two of epoxy before sanding, otherwise you'll just sand into the cloth. Otherwise it's good to go as long as it's watertight.

Rotorhead, I think I did that (at least I slathered on epoxy on top of the glass twice,) but I did this all in one session, without waiting for any one coat to dry. Do I need to apply fresh epoxy over the existing glass and epoxy, I'm now wondering?

Is the white stuff some filler you put in? Did the damage reach the EPS core? It's beyond me why those cheap serial board manufacturers can't put some layer of kevlar or something to make the nose a little stronger.

The white stuff is filler (whatever West Marine calls their strong stuff that I mixed with some epoxy to fill in where some of the damage took place.

Sorry your loved one is ill. I'm sure it'll be sea-worthy, but it might have been safer to sand off the paint under the glass patch. I'm sure you've seen Eva's site, specifically the "repairs menu"?

Brian, she's got glass over paint in just about every photo I've seen. While I didn't remove the paint, I did use course sandpaper to roughen up the surface to provide the epoxy more to work with.


i told u! stay far away from the wolf....hes always in control ..until the last second!!!

Was it your fault or Wolf's?

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