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August 12, 2010


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thats what i call real live action. i saw it all from the beach & it looked alot worse.glad nobody got hurt,just remember stay far away from the wolf &everybody should be o.k.!

Hey, at least it was among friends right? I've seen a lot of chatter as of late, namely on the NYNJSURF.COM site about everyone just increasing their general awareness, regardless of their skill level. Sometimes it takes an incident to shake you up, but it sounds like everyone will be better from it.


BTW I did THINK about trying stand-up paddling while I was out in Hawaii. I mean with waves, I have had a good flatwater paddle but somehow I feel like using a SUP on flat water is sort of missing the point.

Anyways, I didn't think of it until the last full day. Made a couple of calls, couldn't get into a group anywhere, a 2-hour private lesson is $175.00. At the same time, my hostess, Lynne (who's very cool & a lot of fun to hang out with anyways), was going bodyboarding & asked me if I wanted to come along with her, so I ended up doing that & I was glad I did. Haven't bodyboarded since I was a kid, I sort of forgot how much fun this simplest form of playing in the waves is. Lynne's really good at it, she stands up & does flat spins & all that - I tried a spin a couple of times, just lost my speed & had the wave leave me behind & after that I just went back to just plain riding them. So much fun.

I really wonder if I ever would've gotten into all this complicated stuff with the boats if my parents had left me in Hawaii like I'd asked them to when we moved in my junior year. The boats are just ways to get out on the water - in Hawaii, you don't need a boat to do that.

Increased wave awareness will make for better and more fun wave rides, in addition to safety and respect for other surfers. I'm glad everything worked out.

I've just posted 2 additional minutes of on-the-water footage from this day, plus my take on the crash

PS., see you on the water for wave sailing this afternoon?

Bonnie, you MUST get out there in the waves! You'll be great at it.

Jeff, It will take quite an improvement in conditions to get me out there today...I did some touch up work on the SUP board this morning, and it's not going back into the water until tomorrow, so unless there's enough wind for me to take the 109 out on a 6.2, I'm going to pass.

The wave forecast for tomorrow looks good, though!

Fortunately you can all laugh about it now - video is great and the wave looked far too good to miss too. You're obviously having a great time with your SUP - enjoy!

Did someone say KOOK I thought Jeff was your friend

Big time kook! Meanwhile I haven't paddled in almost a month.

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