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August 03, 2010


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Even sketchy waves can be fun. Hell, the reason we play in the water is to have fun.

Are you going to come to Newport for the SUPCUP?


My problem is with the SUP being used by guys to snag every single wave in the lineup, simply because they can, regardless of the size of swell that day. Yes, we know that SUP's can get you into waves earlier, but that doesn't entitle you to all of them. Believe me, I've had plenty of good sessions with guys on SUP's who can share amicably; in a give-one-take-one fashion, but I've also been burned by a bunch of guys too. Not trying to make a bitter internet rant, just an observation.

Looks like some big stuff is on the way following this week's wind. Swellinfo says big, clean & green for Saturday morning! How fast does your paint dry?

Lord T, I'm not big on long flatwater paddling, so I'll regrettably pass. Meanwhile I hear Adam is headed your way for a sail...you should meet up!

Bill, I hear you. Personally I'm from a windsurfing culture, where we're generally about welcoming newcomers, sharing spots, and an overall live-and-let-live philosophy. Nobody owns the waves, and nobody should hog the waves.

Jeff, if the paint ain't dry on Saturday, well then I'll need to repaint Saturday night!

Trying to keep up with your 'windsurfing' demands on my blog - check it out incase you don't already know.

Michael- I understand where you're coming from, and that's a great mentality.

I was wondering if you could enable RSS feeds for this site. It'd be a nice way to keep connected. Thanks-

Here's the Feedburner link for RSS:


I SUP for solitude - outer reefs and other spots not accesible to normal surfers. However I am in the minority; goat-boaters have exploded here and are at pretty much every break. It's much like the longboard explosion of the late 80's/early 90's. Just the new normal.

Goat-boaters! What happened to the Kumbaya? I've heard stand up paddlers referred to as Standing Goat-boaters and Janitors.

The garage is already full -- the minivan and the wallet ain't big enough!

But I'd get a SUP in a heartbeat if I had the spare lucre.

Phil, you have two choices: You can get a SUP board now and enjoy it now and learn to SUP in the waves now, or you can wait a year or three, have a great time then, but wish you'd started sooner. I avoided SUPsurfing for a year. This was a mistake.

I have two words for you: Swap Meet!

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