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October 10, 2010


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What a great day! Lauralee and I really enjoyed seeing everyone. It was great sailing with you guys.[Even if it was on large gear]. I had a blast, and have to thank Jeff for his post. Tiana is such an awesomely beautiful place. I can't believe that after 25 years of living on the island, I didn't even know it existed. Thanks, you've managed to re-stoke me again Mike.

No digital photos, but I will archive these mental shots: (1) A dark fishlike form backlit in a light green wave. I kept staring at it as it seemed to surf the wave. (2) Spotting a blonde ponytail attached to a windsurfer! Welcome Christina, LI's only female wave sailor? (3) The late day sun casting orange and reds across a smooth section of white foam. I felt like I was planing across 1" of fresh powder. (4) The sunset in the parking lot with the crescent moon perched in the west and Jupiter dominating the SE, right above our precious sandbar. Not to mention 6 stoked wave sailors soaking it all in.

Get well soon John!!

Re LI's female wave sailors, you've forgotten Jan, who is smooth as silk on the waves. The very first time I tried ("tried") wave sailing (Ponquogue 2005) I remember watching mystified as she zipped through the beach break like it was nothing, while I could never get out. Then she'd catch a wave, work it, jibe on the inside and again slip back to the outside. The comparison was humiliating!

Yes, how could I forget Jan? I've seen her bayside recently and have been plying her for secret health tips. I'm now on the hunt for some Rolfing.

the wolf is out for a couple of months!he dinged it good.hes going to buy a impact vest.

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