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October 31, 2010


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life is good..so simple really..a little wind and we are happy...

those conditions sound perfect. best buzz in the world.

about the wave ride- is it wrong that i prefer being out of the straps? maybe i'm not experienced in high wind waves but same here on the SUP experience. i like to walk around the board ;]

a little wind?...it blew like stink all weekend.4.2-4.7 and we are very happy.

Very happy indeed! A report on Sunday will come on Wednesday ('cause Tuesday we be blogging about somethin' else...)

ill gladly pay you on tuesday for a hamburger today!? whaaaa....you must still be high.

Not as high as CD was, launching off of those ramps...I've never seen Lord Chimpleton sky so many!


we had some fun did n we!!!tee hee! I did not see a bad wave ridden all day, everyone out there was ripping it up! Mike feel good about yourself,you looked "comfortable" in those great conditions, too. CD

Oh I was feeling good about myself, CD...I had my best jumps on starboard ever that day, and all kinds of other wonderful moments. Meanwhile I've never seen you tear it up like you did at Tiana!

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