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November 02, 2010


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Liked it too...but I found the story line a little cheesy though...

I don't know, the first one was a big disappointment. Thought it was going to be the "Step Into Liquid" for windsurfing - you know, the movie you could show to your non-windsurfing friends and they would "get it" - but turned out to be just high-quality windsurf porn. Does the new one stand the test, or would you say it's just for windsurfers?

Rotorhead, for me the video most like your description of Step Into Liquid is "Hard Winds a Blowing"...an 80's vid made in the Gorge. I love that. If hooking the non-windsurfer is what you're looking for, I don't think this is it. What I DO think the new movie is, is much better than the first, and well worth getting a hold of. For me as a poor but enthusiastic wave sailor, it is tremendous to watch. "Eye candy" doesn't do it justice. Eye ice-cream, perhaps.

How's the music? The best segment in TWM 1, the Cabo Verde wave event, was destroyed with inane Nina Simone howling. Had to press MUTE.

Rotohead your nuts. That was the best tune on the Cabo Verde wave event. I have repeatedly played that scene at late night parties and non windsurfers love it. With the music cranking!

I must have a different version of the DVD than you. On mine, during that segment, it sounds like a bag of cats being electrocuted.

Arguing about music is great fun! I've spent a lot of my life doing it. Best part is that people with great musical taste will often vehemently disagree. In the Nina Simone case, I agree it was a poor choice for the scene (so I disagree with George) but "inane" and Nina Simone have no business being in the same sentence.

Anyhow Rotorhead if I tell you the music in the second movie is better than in the first (which in my opinion it is) that has no bearing on whether or not you'll like it. I just cruised the credits...on my disk at least they don't list the songs so I can't help there.

I'd buy it even if the whole thing was Nina Simone and Tom Waits doing duets. Decent surf flicks are rare; good windsurf flicks are gems even if the music doesn't hit on every cylinder.

Still not sure I don't have a different movie. Mine sounds like a walrus giving birth to a piano.

Just saw the WMII last night. The only problem I had with it was that it ended too soon!!

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