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November 19, 2010


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all the reports i see says west going north late. sebonac?

If it's W or WNW, then Sebonac. NW Meschutt will be the call. But hope for Tiana in the morning...could be most very sweet!

I'm in for the morning Tiana session!

i windsurf shows straight sideshore until @ 4:00. low tide @ 12 noon. best time ..9-1 then its over! ooooooooohhhhh tiana!

puff hope to see you there.

i say yay not nay!!its crankin right now.heading to tiana in an hour.

I too say Yay Lord Scotworth...to Tiana by 9!

great day, waves ,wind, and good friends, lets make a habit out of this, as sir Kielt would sing ohhhhh Tiana!

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