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January 13, 2011


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I'm confused by this post, But then again, my wife dragged me to "The Black Swan." Talk about confusing, how did the Black Swan dance through the final act? Was this a Dallas moment?

Joe, it's the horror that's confusing you. Puffin-hunting dogs receiving recognition by people who recognize dogs (other than their own dogs.) Of course this was apparently in the past, but still, we must worry about their instincts, their raison d'puppy.

mike....u need to get some wind or waves soon!u r starting to lose it.im all for puffins but now puffin hunting dogs!?

From Wikipedia:

"... Dogs of this breed are able to bend their head backwards along their own spine and turn their forelegs to the side at a 90-degree horizontal angle to their body...

...instead of the normal four toes per foot, the Lundehund normally has six toes, all fully formed, jointed and muscled..."

These sound like post-apocalyptic indie freak dogs to me. I think if I ever saw one, I'd get the heck out of there pretty quick.

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