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January 12, 2011


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The only reason they're getting those waves is because of the nasty weather along the US east coast... I think a bit of gratitude would be nice, fellas. :) haha

I do ap riggpreciate your sacrifices but those those that know me know I've done as much ice and snow rigging as anybody, so I feel your pain but my drysuit"s packed away till spring. today 21mph gust 29 waves 4-8 ft and I'm the only windsurfer out need I say more

Dude don't worry about the haters. If you don't like the cold...go someplace warm. Good on you and I hope the rest of your time there is all epic sessions.


Michael, that is Bill in the pics,heading out for another sesh.As for, " life being unfair ",lets just call it the balance of nature.I can't send you ten degrees of temp, because it would lower our temp to a chilly 72. Bundle up and go ice sledding or get on a plane and head south. I'll be here until March,so I'll send more pics to torment you. PS nice forcast you have up there. JH

looks killer,make sure you put on the sunscreen!

Bastards! Last time I was in Rico was flat and windless. But it was in early May....

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