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March 16, 2011


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Beaut. I call it back-to-front (as there are 2 ways of thusly backing the sail).

But anyhow, great sailing position as shown here. That kind of sailing is a great way to take heavy winds with little effort. Useful when you forget the harness home, or when arms get tired.

Good stuff on you blog, as usual ;)

This may sound like blasphemy, as an ABK disciple, but that move could be listed under stupid pet tricks

Mike, it could be listed thusly, but then I ask you: What is the meaning of Free Style? Seems to me that pet tricks would be the essence of the definition! Here's my favorite stupid trick (taught to me by Andy) the gecko loop.

Why not go Stupid? To quote one my earliest windsurfing gurus (the mighty Mark Skelton of Cape Hatteras): windsurfing is a waste of time. But not a waste of life!

Point(s) taken,Michael...and I know you like that move,you did it at the last ECWF, but there's something about it that bugs me. It's like putting your head in a lion's mouth, playing chicken, or russian roulette. Sooner or later it's gonna take your head off.( Sleepy Hollow) On the other hand, I too really like the gecko loop.

If it bugs you, it bugs you. If you want blasphemy, try this on: I think vulcans and spocks are dumb! They don't appeal to me. This is why I'm no longer a teacher's pet at ABK clinics...me likee loops and carving freestyle. But I'll keep trying vulcans to make people happy...

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