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March 02, 2011


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no more frozen stuff please! im heading to the ocean,its blowing 20-30!

Cool! That might be the first time I've seen a regular snowboard used with a windsurfing sail. It seems like it would be awkward only being able to ride toeside on one of the tacks, but those guys make it look alright. I don't think I'll drill any holes in my snowboard just yet, though.

Oh no, more snow!

Sturle from Norway. How do you fasten the rig to the snowboard? If you just drill a hole, I guess it will be broken in the first leg.. Some closeup of the equipment would be nice!

Great stuff Puffy! Have you tried anything like that?

Bunty, I have not tried snow sailing (though I've tried ice windsurfing several times.

Sturle, I don't know the people who made the video so I can't find out what they did, but I believe one of the guys I sail with (Frank, are you reading this) has a snowboard with a rig mount. If I see him soon and he has his board, I'll take a photo or two of the setup.

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