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July 26, 2011


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u do need it baaaaaaaad.

I lost one Sunday 2 weeks ago in Heckscher,
during my rigfest, it really sucks.

I can see a lot of "hurry up before the wind dies" adrenalin squeezes in that poor cleat. Rode hard an' put away wet.

A dear friend found again :) I use my harness bar.

i use my mast base,wrap it around the pin twice then over itself & around one more time. its always there (it better be )& it fits in the hand good.

You know it's a slow news day when it gets to writing about downhaul cleats. (Or a windless season.) But this answered a mystery or two as to why my downhaul cleat is similarly squished to the point I can barely get a line in.

I had assumed I had crushed it or sat on it. But I prefer your explanation.

Mind you at my current weight (94 liters) squishing a downhaul cleat is a distinct possibility. (94 x 2.2= xxx lbs.)

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