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August 01, 2011


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I'm new to the area and am trying to find some spots on LI to sail. I live in CT but keep my gear in Rocky Point at my wife's summer spot. Just moved from SF Bay Area so right now my my biggest sail is 5.7. I am a decent sailor who sails in the Gorge every summer and has ventured into the waves a bunch of times. I'm intrigued about Tiana, particularly for tomorrow (Sunday, 8/07). What's the parking situation like? Thanks,


You need a pass to park at Tiana on the weekends...technically you need a pass weekdays too between Memorial Day and Labor Day, but it's weather dependent (nice day=you'll need a pass). I don't recall what a day pass costs...it will be $20-30 in season is my guess.

Tomorrow if it's blowing Tiana bayside should be good. For the ocean on a straight south wind it's a bit too onshore for most wavesailing, though a few of us usually try anyway.

I think the big question for tomorrow is the wind.

20.oo sanj,but if its snotty out no problem.looks to be an a.m. sesh.

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