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August 29, 2011


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So sad. Our thoughts are with his girl friend and family. Rest in peace.

Very sad news

Doug and Nancy

Rip Joe. May the winds carry you to a better place..................

Long Island's water's and beaches, will never be the same. We will miss you.

I met Joe in 1989,at Heckshire State Park Field #7, I was a newbie and he was hanging with the "Top Dogs"...
As I was in the process of rigging my brand new "North Sails 5.5" Joe strolls over and gives me rigging tips for that sail, he also eye balled my "9'10" AHD and tweaked my my mast base and "WeedSpeed" skeg. Joe followed that up with an invitation to follow him...
So Here is to Joe...
A friend, a mentor and the best damn windsurfer I have ever had the pleasure to sail alongside of!
Joe was the "Founding Father" of what we called "The Heckshire Chop Hop Club"
"Field 7" will always seem empty without your van in the lot and your rig on the sand.
Joe found wind on the Bay and a swell to launch off of while we sat in our chairs in awe...
Joe, you left us doing what you truly loved
Sail on Brother...
Sail on!

We have heard of Joe's passing in Maui and our Aloha goes out to his family for their loss. In Hawaii we believe the most respect you can give to a loved one when they pass is to celebrate their life. Joe passed doing something he loved and we can only hope that brings some comfort to those who loved him.

I sailed with Joe in the early 90s at Hecksher. Can't believe it. He was really a great guy, and man did he max out the time on the water. Very sad indeed. Condolences to Marianne, his family and friends.

i will miss my buddy joe. i didn't windsurf but have known joe for 20 years as we skied together, mostly at hunter mtn. my fondest memory was one hell of a big storm in the mid 90's and we were blasting powder all day. of course after that we both hobbled over to our favorite spot "on the bench" and enjoyed happy hour together taking in all the sites! will miss seeing him at hunter this year but will do a run for him when the powder dumps.
as always GO BIG ! joe cap

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