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August 30, 2011


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It's so terribly sad to think of James and Marianne looking for him. SIGH. :(

Very sad to learn of this news. very sad

I met Joe thru John Markwalter. Blessings...RIP Joe..he died doing what he loved..

RIP, such a shame! If I am given a choice, windsurfing in a hurricane is at the top of my list. But no-ones life should be cut short in such a way.

Very sad - sometimes, as difficult as it is, one has to stay put and ride out the storm.

I feel blessed to have known him.

The wind will be lost without JR to harness it! RIP my friend! We'll all miss the "Mayor" of HSP! You were a legend for sure!

We have all been honored to have him as a friend and confidant. The beach will never be the same. No more smile, words of wit and tips from the Mayor. RIP my friend, you'll be in our prayers.

I did not know you that well but remember a great windsurfer from Heckscher..And I remember the friendship that you gave to everyone there....Rest In Peace Joe!!...

What a tragedy, RIP Joe...
Someone posted on YT the video of a windsurfer sailing at Shirley after the storm. I guess this guy is James (I guess the one who lives in Florida but comes up here in the summer) as you see him coming to shore and drop the rig on the beach. He also seems to wear a helmet which seems a great idea in such conditions.


I'm so sorry for yours & the local windsurfing community's loss.

I knew Joe well, probably since around 1985. I spent alot time shootin the shit with him at Hecksher waiting for the wind to come up or in between sessions. I am very sad to hear about his passing. Joe was a great guy and friend. I live in Maui now and this year I saw another good friend from Heckscher Louie Azera. We were talkling about Joe and I asked Lou if he had seen Joe recently. I was also curious to know if he was still sailing his favortite Dill board, but I don't recall Lou's reply. I do know now he was still on his favorite board doing what he loved. I, as I am sure many others, are going to miss my dear friend Joe. See you on that Dill board in the sky! My deepest heart felt condolences to Joe's family and friends.

love/miss you Joe Schmoe! I'll always be thankful for knowing you. You were a lightbringer in my life.

I didn't know Joe but my experience has been after meeting new surfers and windsurfers I find they are just old friends I just didn’t know before.
Our friend was having a ball doing what he loved.

Marianne told me he was not wearing a helmet or a pfd. together, they might have saved his life. when the windspeed goes up , so does the speed at which things happen. I would much rather have heard a story about a broken nose. bummin!

Losing one of the tribe hurts- Sending well wishes to your community and those who knew Joe.

Joe all your windsurfer buddies will miss you. You were a very special person,we all remember the great memories we shared with you.

Joe ripped on that Dill with a 3.7 in just about everything from 15 to 50. Great soul, super sailor and a sad loss. He was a true student of the art.

I knew and sailed with Joe at Hecksher for several years in the mid to late nineties. A old friend told me of his passing last night and I am very saddened by it. RIP Joe, and my condolences to Joe's family. I've since moved away from NY but hope to someday make it back to field 7 to see the appropriately named Joe's beach once more.

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