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September 19, 2011


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Fun to read this from the safety of shore.
Thanks again guys for the 'group'.

Christian, I have never wanted to call the Coast Guard before, and am glad it didn't come to it (give or take two minutes.) My favorite part of the whole event was when you said to your daughter in the parking lot "Daddy had an adventure".

Glad to have you back! Next time we're rigging together we can obsess on double checking things.

Yes, next time the adventure will BEGIN with the double double check...

The excitement of getting out on the water can be, well, counterproductive.

Hi everyone,
I'm glad Christian made it back safely!
In this context please check the "rescue 101" articles on our website:
Cheers from Germany,

The Streamlined system enables rig adjustments at sea with everything connected. I have re-rigged a sail 2 times while sailing and it took no more than 20 mins each time. The last time I did, the seas were about 5ft swell at maybe 8 secs or less in side-on winds. The angle of the pulley/cleat set up on the extension I have enables me with a leg over the board and propped up on the base, to put enough tension in the line and cleat it off. With the pulley and cleat pointing up I was able to drape the sail over the tail of the board and that seemed to stabilize things a bit. I used to rig/de rig in the water quite a bit in the tropics so I guess one would have to dial in their own set up. The set up of my pulley/cleat is exposed as there's no plastic moulding surrounding it. The downhaulline automatically gets wrapped around the extension every time so no disconnecting the uni. I cannot comment on other extensions as I've only had to do this with the one I have.

Thanks for the info on the Streamlined system, Mike. I have a Streamline and Chinook bases...I will try to figure out both how to do this, and what the difference may be between the bases.

For everybody: I realize the close up photo of the water fails to show the speck of Christian. When I blow up the photo on my computer I can see him, but at web resolution I can't get anything but a blur. Believe me...he's in there!

Have had this happen several times with one sail in particular, always quite a shock but always my fault. Thanks for the heads up fall is comming and we have to be more diligent!

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