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September 04, 2011


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He sounds like a wonderful man and that was a perfect way to memorialize him. I hope my friends and family will do something similar for me one day. (Just not yet.)

Rest in peace, Joe!

We had a similar experience and memorial a couple of years ago for our friend who died while sailing with us in the bay. It is so great to have a memorial with people who share the inspiration!

Truthfully, It was something that was difficult for me to process, but the gathering helped me gain some clarity.

Wishing the best to the New York windsurfers and Joe's family.

Yep, I'd much rather my survivors gather somewhere on the water that I cared about than have them in a stuffy room participating in a ritual that wouldn't have meant much to me. And, yep, no hurry here.

Once again, you have nailed the way it happened, and I deeply appreciate it. We had wind yet again today, although we needed larger stuff than Joe would have wanted to rig (above a 4.7). LOL! AND we will have wind again tomorrow, according to Windfinder. Although I will need to master carve-jibes elsewhere, Joe's Beach will be my go-to launch site in the foreseeable future.

Love this tribute..RIP Joe..

Joe Rocco was always the bright spot in my life, no matter where I was. He taught me to windsurf, ski, and how to live life. He is the biggest influence I have ever had and all of it is positive. I am so grateful to have met him and shared time with him. We went to the "gorge" in 1990 and had a blast. I never felt scared because he was there. Now, years later, I am still working on those carving jibes and just can't make them as nice as Joe.

I still can't believe this has happened and am having a hard time processing this. How can this happen to such a wonderful human being. Love you always Joe Rocco !!


I wish I could have been at Joe's Beach for his tribute, thank you all who attended and to Marianne, I will see you soon.

To Joe Rocco,

I did not know you other then talking to you once on the phone, and hearing about you though a mutual friend.

As a fellow windsurfer you seemed to have sailed like I do, well powered and confident in your ability to over come obstacles that may arise in your path. Its a game we play isn't it Joe, living close to the edge makes one feel more alive.

I hope there was no pain. I am happy for you that the end came doing something you obviously loved.

You are gone, but not forgotten.



P.S. I'll roll up my 4.7 once in your honor.

I just heard about this from an email today. I am saddened. I knew Joe. First from skiing at Hunter Mtn and then at Hecksher when I was learning in '91-'93 era. He was always there. I remember him saying it was windy enough when standing by the water his pant legs would start ruffling.
And I remember his red board. Then, two years ago my wife and I went to South Miami for vacation early December. I wanted to see where I could rent equipment and found a place on a bridge Biscayne Bay. There he was jovial as ever. Small world that it is. I asked why I had not seen him skiing in the last few years. He basically said that he loved windsurfing more.
Great happy guy. I am saddened.

It was Great sailing with you Joe. Those days at West Meadow seem so long ago but the experiences will last a lifetime and beyond..
R.I.P brother..

i remember the day i met him,me and my friand chip went to long island to windsurf but was a lot of sea weed,I didnt had fin for that conditions and probable Joe heard me yeld a lot of bad words in spanish due to my frustration and cuban caracter..hahahaa... and there it was this awesome guy with a weed fin on his hand -here,see if this one will work for you- and thats how may day got better,and even better when i try to returned the fin back to Joe,... guess what was Joe's answer.... "keep it,you will guive it a better use.."

Latter on i move to miami... and there it was a nice surprise to find him there at virginia key riding with all of us... like anoder 20 years old dude... so much energy on that man....
at least i know he is in a better place... hopefully windsurfing still.


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