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October 31, 2011


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Nice guys

c.d.is having surgery on his knee as i write. he tore the quadracep muscle off the knee on a bad landing!heal quickly chimpus erectus!

by the way..that graph is way off,it never dipped while we were there from 10 am on & it reached 50 by 2 pm! so much for i windsurf meters.

Ow Ow Ow! CD get better soon!

get well soon chimpus-remember the crip incident in hood river

Chimpus, heal quickly...pow pow is coming
kite boy

Yowch what a bummer! Get well soon CD, your positive attitude will no doubt cut your healing time in half!

well c.d.s surgery went fine..he will be off the water for awhile. he was demoing a new board & getting mucho air! every time i looked to see where he was he was in the air.i think he was making up for missing it on saturday's nuclear sesh. well heal quickly c.d. we want to see you on that board again soon!

Thanks for your thoughts guys! Yea Bill, I do remember very vividly your injury! Your recovery from that wack will serve as inspiration and motivate me to get back on the water asap(and things were going so well that day, that's the nature of the beast I guess,eh)

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