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November 14, 2011


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nice. looks like you guys scored better waves than we did here on Delmarva. What a three day run eh?! fabulous -


The wind and wave gods are pleased. Now please heal so that we can have more on-the-water Puffinry!

More photos from the sesh here

Hey Jeff Peconic,
I hear ya loud and clear. It is hard to not participate and act like its not really a good day. In my mid 40s i am dealing with chronic soreness where the tendons and muscles attach from the humorous to the shoulder blades (both). Occasional pain started in the late 30s and i stopped doing push-ups which seemed to do the trick for a few years. Overuse? Well this year i sailed 2x in the spring and decided to take the year off. I am a surf junkie also and haven't done that much either. Just a little until the ache starts. So I still am not ready yet, but hope to be in the spring. I skipped my annual Hatt Oct trip too. SO YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! I still look at the meteogram every couple days... Hell sunday looks wonderful. Hopefully you and i will recover sooner than later. Take care and I love reading the best windsurfing newspaper in the NY/NJ region. THANKS!

Sorry your wings are clipped. I know the feeling.

Baydreamer, I bet an overstretched Teres Minor muscle is playing into your chronic soreness. Gentle and relaxed massage can help relieve strained muscles and reduce tension on the tendons. Correcting shoulder blade posture, both when sailing, and not sailing, will give more power to prevent injury and allow you to sail more than 2x per year. Except for major surgery, I'm not a fan of the "rest your injury for the season" prescription. Muscles and connective tissue need movement and blood flow to heal, not dormancy and stagnation.

Google "Trigger Point Workbook" for more info

Hey thanks for the diagnosis / suggestions. I fig'd the teres is the culprit and am doing light weights. Delt exercises seem to be hitting it nicely. Also went to a highly recommended accu-pressurist (in philly), Master Park. After working on me he suggested rest. So I am - and doing some rotator exercises as well. I still have surfed and the pains come still. Although i have had longer surfs this november. And that IS encouraging. I will be muchh more careful to not sail overpowered in the future. And take breaks as well. Liard is a monster. take care.

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