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December 20, 2011


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Happy Christmas to you and your family Puffy
have a look at my blog to see what I got for Christmas! :)))))))))

Wow - This is indeed a privilege! I must provide a quick bit of background. Truth be told, Cecilia and I were debating the merits of keeping the kids in the house during the storm, and of course, the 5 year old in me came through "Just think how cool it will be if the house is ok and we don't get killed". So we all bunked in our bedroom and listened to the pounding of the wind on our house. As luck would have it, the winds died down, the water rose, the house was ok and the kids got to experience (hopefully just once)a morning paddling down the road. Happy Holidays to all and a very happy and healthy New Year!

Sally and I did the same thing in our house. I thought about SUPing in our flooded yard, but the random gusts looked to be 40-60 knots...scary. The peak of the storm came during daylight hours...had they called the peak for night I think we would have cleared out (our mutual friends who live several feet higher than us generously offered a place to evacuate to!)

Talk about turning lemons into lemonade. Fantastic card, great attitude!

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