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December 27, 2011


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sideshore nuke;high tide nightmare;drysuits and killer rip;man you guys need leadership.have you all forgotten where da windchimps made their bones/ DA CUP is da place gentlemen,can't say i wish i was there but cupsogue is much friendlier under those condictions-just a suggestion-peace bb

Too bad DA CUP ain't what it used to be, ain't what it used to be, ain't what it used to be....

Fortunately our deft launching skills kept us unscathed and full of (false?) confidence for the next ill-advised sesh. Bill, hurry back before we commit more chimpidity!

i love conditions like that. better than not sailing at all right?

I am glad to see the Long Island crew still crushing the winter winds in the Northeast. You have persuaded me to pack my gear for a session at my old spot tomorrow before heading back to San Fran. Forecast is looking pretty awesome this week, somebody got their Christmas wish. ____/)____

i have to agree with bill,the cup is much more user friendly...cmon jeff u saw it urself & did agree!bill u better get ur 4 whl.drive fixed if u plan on sailing the cup when u return!

can't hurry back-i've only got shorts and t-shirts- i'll return when sun block runs out and i can't sail'kite,or surf anymore'but i'm here for you if you need advice-chimpidity is my speciality;i helped invent it-peace bb

I've said it before...you all are hard core.

Hey Michael P. Puffin! TQ & I paddled yesterday & I was thinking "Somewhere out there, some windsurfers are having fun".

Today too (as for me, I'm home making lamb stew)!

I take it you're still grounded, hope things are improving, but I just wanted to stop by to say I hope you and Jibe, Sally, Jibe have been having the happiest of holidays!

ps for anyone who's wondering why I'm calling her "Jibe Sally Jibe", it's 'cause Michael told a story about Sally learning to jibe and all the sudden a new version of Mustang Sally was running through my head -

All she wants to do is jibe around, Sally,
Jibe, Sally, Jibe!

Hi Bonnie!

Glad you and TQ are getting out on the water. Sally and I are headed to theCarribean in a few months whether my arm works or not...if it doesn't I'm going to be a pylon around which Sally shall indeed Jibe Sally Jibe!

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