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December 05, 2011


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Good tip. I also put duct tape over the vee part of the hook. This prevents the knot in my adjustable harness line from dropping through and getting caught in the hook. Scary thing to happen if you're under water and under the sail.

Good point, Brian. We did a post on the dangers of an open hook years ago. I don't sail with adjustable lines so I don't worry about it personally, but it's good to remember.

The emergency whistle is another thing we'd discussed adding. Mine is sitting in a jacket waiting to be taped to my spreader bar. Not doing much good there!
Thanks for reminding me to get that done.

I forgot to mention the whistle! Just amended that.

i always wrap an extra pc of downhaul line arond my harness in case something breaks. And once i even used it as an uphual when the wind died on me

we might need it for thursday...i hope!

I have a couple spare downhaul/outhaul lines in the front velcro'd pocket of my.....wait for it.......pfd!!

I also have an emergency whistle on a lanyard in that pocket.

Thanks for the reminder to change out downhaul/outhaul lines this time of year.

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