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December 23, 2011


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Sad and hard to believe. There is still a need and a market for print.

While Windsurfing Magazine always had it's flaws...it was always there.Other magazines come and go, but for me there was that one constant. I think I've had a subscription since 1985.
This spring I had the privilege of working with editor in chief, Josh Sampiero during the Hatteras board tests.

I will mourn the passing of the print version. The web just ain't the same.

yikes. what we need is a new alternative magazine. Like american windsurfer.

Repeat after me, everyone: Windsport. A good magazine (edited by former Andy Brandt right hand man Pete Dekay) and worth our custom and support.

I agree that we need (or at least like a lot!) a print windsurfing resource. Go Windsport!

It is sad news, but a reality, and a sign of the times. I like Windsport a lot, and I still like getting a printed magazine to study. Truthfully, as much as I would like to continue and have supported both NA magazines in the past, the distribution in the last several years was always frustratingly erratic and inconsistent. My issues would arrive late, if at all, and many times my subscriptions would end prematurely without warning (especially with a multiyear subscription). I got a lot of early renewal junk mail, especially from Windsurfing. I am grateful that we can now get the majority of our magazines digitally (and some great ones with cool features are even free!). I subscribe to Boards UK digital, I get it instantly, for a reasonable price, and it is packed with a lot of content (but no NA content). It is definitely not the same as a browsing a printed magazine, but I am happy enough with it on my iPad. I did subscribe to a year of Windsurfing digitally, but I suspected something was up when I stopped getting new issues for a while now. I doubt I will get a refund, but I will chalk it up to the many great years of enjoyment the magazine brought me (Windrider to today). Thanks to all that made it possible all these years, and I wish you guys the best in the future.

Thanks for the update. Comes as a little bit of a shock (even though I work in a print media niche and am well aware of the precarious situations many parts of the print industry find themselves in, nowadays.)

I read that mag voraciously, cover to cover, along with many others, for a number of years (10, 12?), then hit that fork in the road, where I was not sailing so much, nor as interested in expensive "new" gear, and participating in 4 other sports.

However, I figured those who were still more fervent about windsurfing in the U.S. might still be reading print version. I guess I figured wrong.

End of an era.

Sad to hear it! What about those of us that just coughed up for a 2 year subscription?

I don't know what they're doing to honor existing subscriptions, Mike. I've read that they're substituting a different magazine (I think a surfing mag) for existing subscribers. You may want to get in contact with them directly if you want a refund.

Has there been some kind of announcement? Seeing these 'rumors' all over the web, but how do we know? Also, Graham Ezzy suggested that Boards was shutting down too??

I think I've been burned by every windsurf/SUP mag ever published. I'll continue to get Windsport, but Windsport has erratic delivery and never sends a renewal notice. Not really sure if they want me to subscribe.

Brian, if you go to the forum in iWindsurf you will find Josh Sampiero (editor of Windsurfing Magazine) making the announcement. I've also confirmed it through other people connected to the parent company.

Michael, Been out of the loop for a couple days, and started my day with Puffin news this morning. Right after I posted here I saw Josh's post on the iWindsurf forum. Sorry to see Windsurfing and Boards both go: http://www.boardsmag.com/articles/online/20100521/farewell.html
Brian McDowell seems to be alive and well.

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