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January 16, 2012


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Glad ur all good did u get ur rig back?u know now that u had a full land sea rescue we will be messing with u.see u in the water

Long live the wolf!

no he did not get his rig back.by now it is somewhere in the atlantic heading for ireland!he did lose another rig about ten years ago when he bailed on a big jump...he swam in & again a nice new rig on its way to europe.the reason i was hesitant to call 911 this time was because 5 years ago at the iron pier (another nukin day)the wolfs rig seperated from his board when he was about 1/2 a mile out & the wind took his board away at warp speed.i saw him & asked if he was allright while he swam towards the beach dragging his rig.he said he was o k so i sailed back to the beach & kept an eye on him.well everybody on the beach told me to call 911. so with that pressure i caved & called.now it was mid winter so when i called the woman answered by asking "what is your emergency?" & i said i have a 63 year old man who was windsurfing & needs to be rescued...she said
"HES DOING WHAT??" i said windsurfing,she said"HES HOW OLD??".so within 5 minutes every piece of rescue equipment from riverhead town was there with sirens sceaming & about 50 people pointing out toward the wolf.now i sail out to the wolf to let him know hes gonna be o k...well as soon as he sees me he starts yelling at me "WHATS GOING ON?" i told him i called 911.now he starts yelling at me "IM O K WHAT DI DU DO THAT FOR?TELL THEM IM I DONT WANT TO GET RESCUED!"so now feeling like an idiot i sail back to shore & go over to the rescue crew who were trying to launch a boat stern first thru 6 foot shore break & tell them NEVERMIND hes o k.long story short he made it back in about 30 minutes & proceeded to walk a mile or so down the beach & find his board.later the wolf asked me "why did u call 911?" need i say more?

Thank God He's safe and sound.

The "Wolf" is the MAN! This dude takes a lickin and keeps on ticking. I have seen this cat take such a pounding at many a venue and come away with a sh*t eating grin on his face, he has inspired me on many occasions to push myself beyond my own limits, so the fact that he survived this latest misfortune comes as no surprise to me...he never ceases to amaze me with his escapades both in and out of the water!!! To say we had a few laughs at his expense at the "dome" on Friday would be an understatement. I warn you though, even though Jon is a great guy,watch him closely when in the waves,he will drop in on you:) glad you made it bro!!!CD

Wow - iron man! Very happy to hear all ended happily.

So glad you made it. We don't need a repeat of 2011 for Long Island Water Men/Women! See you soon.

You guys could never sail the way you do so late in the season without such a good community of sailors watching each others back on the water. Sailors around San Fran bay are complaining about how cold it is and I keep telling them about the die hard Peconic crew on LI.

Damel, we are known to whine from time to time. But if air temps are in the 40's (or high 30s in sun) and we haven't sailed recently...we gotta go!

Get out there (with friends and well maintained gear)!


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