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January 26, 2012


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hey bernie at least has good taste in boards!

"Bears prefer JP" Could be a marketing slogan.

Man, how depressing. Even a bear can sail better than I can. Maybe I should get a JP....

Dennis, as the one-time holder of the title "Worst Windsurfer in the World" (and I may one day reclaim the title) I can assure you there's nothing to be depressed about if a bear out-sails you. Bears are excellent windsurfers. It's my understanding that the only reason we don't see more bears windsurfing is they get bored of it quickly (also they need the new wide gear like the JP Bernie is on, and bears have no money...they only sail what they can scrounge.)

I'm surprised we haven't seen bears SUP sailing. It's just a matter of time, I think.

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