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February 14, 2012


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i ♥ briny bodies!

I have a windsurfing SO, of the female persuasion, who I met windsurfing. She has her own equipment, which I am only allowed to touch with permission. She rigs her own sails, which I am not allowed to rig, nor am I allowed to comment on how they are rigged. I am sometimes allowed to clean off her gear and put it away for her. I am not allowed to comment on that either. She generally does not take my gear, unless she feels that it's necessary. I am not allowed to comment on that. She appreciates WS gear for Christmas, and we do take windsurfing vacations. I am allowed to suggest locations, subject to her approval. We do have a van and basement and garage full of WS junk. I can go sailing whenever there's wind, with few complaints. Okay, 'pro' or 'con'?

huge PRO!!what could be a con?

Michael, Are you sure the male to female windsurfer ratio is 4 to 1on Long Island, or is that the worldwide ratio? Seems more like 152.7 to 1 to me here on LI, unless something radically different is happening out East.

I enjoyed this post immensely, btw. I really liked teh boat sailor list, very entertaining.

Brian, it is de rigueur that I am de rigger and derigger in my marriage.

Dennis, it's the worldwide ratio. Still, even on Long Island it's more like 8-1. A review of camp photos from ABK clinics would suggest it's 5-1, but I think that's skewed.

Michael, I submit there is another, even rarer catch out there: the women who doesn’t windsurf as we do, but who just loves to get caught up in the excitement of a good session, and just so happens to be a rock star photographer who takes thousands of epic photos, many of which get published, and oh, one who also has applied herself passionately into building a dream business that is the hottest ticket on Delmarva. Happy Valentines Day sweetheart 

Ok so maybe I need to join a WINDSURFING singles dating site..that's the plan..I would like a man that can loop..is that too much to ask for..

A Single Female Seeking a Single Male Windsurfer who can loop and loves Bonaire


I am pretty sure that don't need to convince anyone to the fact that windsurfers are great :) You can see it by behavior of girls on the beach, who are not surfers, how they have no doubts to this fact :D

I am the 1 in the 4:1 ratio- I rig my own gear, appreciate windsurf or SUP gear for Christmas and anniversaries and even rig my husband's gear or his Hobie so we can hit the waves together. The only time my water sports are a "drag" to him are when the wind is light and we use the Hobie for tow surfing.

I am a windsurfer female, and I decided to date windsurfers only because it is obviously not working out with non-windsurfers... They do not understand that I am not available on most weekends and windy weekdays..I have it in my blood and I won't do any compromises on windy days..I don't know the ratio male/female in CA but I can tell you that windsurfer guys can be really "agressive" when they approach you at the beach..I always have someone to help me out to finish to rig my sail and give advice and tips.. I love it actually, I feel like the "princess" of the beach sometimes..
I think windsurfer males can be really sexy when they have sparkles in their eyes while talking about the sport..

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