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April 18, 2012


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Sorry Michael, no way to start the season. At least those bulging triceps should impress the chicks. Combine that with typical windsurfing fashion and you'll have to beat them off with a stick - or an SUP paddle!

Wow, that was quite a hit, your upper arm looks 2 to 3 times larger than your forearm! I'm no Puffin Dr., but with that much swelling I'd put that wing on RICE asap.

S U P sup under pain! just when u were getting back into windsurfing!

Wishing you a quick recovery Mike!

mike i hope u r ready for sun.mon.& tue!

I see no bruise, therefore I deduce you must be concocting an story whereby to flash some muscle!

As I was watching mountainbikers beat the crap out of themselves this Saturday — a strong breeze in the woods reminded me I had miscalculated and blown an opportunity to score a USDA grade A Wind day — I was thinking I should be on the water; I'd be in less jeopardy, and much less gruelling right?

Well I guess ... unless you are ... Mike "water is a contact sport" Puffin.

Here's a head's up, Puffin, with your current luck, if you happen to sail or surf with Frank "Crash" (Drysuit2) Messina you should know there's a reason we call him "Crash." Just sayin' lol.

Speedy recovery.

Phil, I've had my near encounter with Mr. Messina thank you very much! However Frank gets a permanent pass from me, as he's part of my personal windsurfing mythology.

Ouch that looks nasty. Hope you feel better soon. Was going to suggest ice packs but from what I saw on the news and the weather you are having a roll in the snow should be as good as an ice pack!

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