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April 10, 2012


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got a hydrofoil under the first board?

I would have taped it up and rejoined you guys if I hadn't already scored a good hour of action on the sandbar. Good thing I have all summer to make the repair, since Scott says the Spring high wind season is now OVER!

Definitely put board nose down to drain, but I would have taped it up first to get more time on the water!

gotta call you out jeff. should have gone back out pal ;)

no hydrafoil just totally nuked.and i have to agree with bunty & george!!!and hopefully its not yet over i just wanted to get u back onthe water. mike it was good to see u back on the water..longer than jeff!

the dude abides

never knew there was a reef at sebonac-glad u r back at it mike-peace bb

Reef, sand bar, sub-Peconic humpus...it was doing its thing.

I'm playing it day to day, Bill...the sailing was wonderful on Monday...five minutes ago it hurt like hell to pull mail out of a mailbox.

Better to sail than read the mail!

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