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August 20, 2012


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There a couple of names on the list that matches some blowhards who I know.

its been sooo bad that now im hoping for a hurricane to park itself 200 miles off l.I. for a week & bring us some wind & waves...& another inlet!yeah yeah i know..be careful what you wish for. cmon Isaac!!

I wonder how many of these names, and which ones, are going to go down in infamy and what they are going to destroy.

On a more positive note, which names will we associate with good wind and waves?

2oo miles off wind and waves and a new inlet thats adream come true remember da last break thru what a beautiful ting

It can have some hidden side benefits.

A really badass one in 1998 was named for me. Now, Google searches for my name point mostly to links for the storm, so I get a lot less spam than I otherwise would.

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