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August 08, 2012


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Yeah, those Reef Warriors rule! Try the Pyrat also as a 'sippin' rum.

The men and women here at the reef salute you. Tonite we will raise a glass to the puffin for joining the quest!!!

Ah Lou...I am not worthy. Even so, can I have some rum?


Wow, that's some chatty mint. I have mint too. I didn't plant it but somebody else did and that was enough. Perhaps I should listen to it more carefully...

They were yacking away, Bonnie. Two ways I know to shut them up: Boil them with sugar (they put up less of a fuss than lobsters) or muddle them under rum. Yappy plant.

When your mint stops talking it will be time to Warrior up and drink the Pyrat (arrr) straight. Then yee shall be worthy.

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