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September 10, 2012


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We had a day just like this in Chicago yesterday - started out on 6.2's and wound down to the 5.0's. Air 75, Water almost 80.

A gift from above.


ross windsurfing? thats awsome-glad u guys had a magic day.sorry i missed it but the magic 4 me was thurs. and friday at the Cup as Tacoma Pt. served up real 6-8 ft faces on clean glassy lefts no doubt best surf i've seen in months-where were u suppers?Well it's puffin'again here in Barcelona and i.m headin to the Med.Peace-out- BB p.s.thats ross hansen right?

Bill, Ross did not actually windsurf. Ross the Wolf's friend (that's what I know). Alas. But he shared some excellent cold beer. Meanwhile there has been no Bill Barber siting all year (by the editors) I thought for sure you'd be there.

Barcelona...great city! If you can get up the coast to Cadaquez, I recommend it. Check out the Dali museum...

great day for all sailors on saturday for sure, saw allot of radical maneuvers out there, one could tell that we all needed this....more to come, one hopes

thanks 4 the tip mike it blew again today here in Barcelona but I chose the the Miro museum instead which proved the right choice as it was totally amazing.peace-out BB

wind for wednesday,sw in the a.m.!

Happy you had such a good day - photos are terrific. You now know what a wind drought is like - we have been experiencing this more and more in Malta. Happy to say though that yesterday managed to get a surf in even though it was only good for an hour. This afternoon looking hopeful too unless the thunderstorms set in. Hope your season has now started - blisters are a good sign :)))

no wind wed....tues.25-35 all day!!!!

here it comes!

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