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May 20, 2013


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Wait a minute - this is in the future it's still 8:03 am.

I did bite-size waves there yesterday in the drizzle. Not pretty, but had to try out the new SUP.

Ah the legacy of da puppy continues to grow;I too have had several close encounters with the wolf including being struck while standing in ankle deep water;its always exciting so keep your eyes open and keep rippin' peace BB

when are you people gonna learn...the wolfs motto is"lifes short get out of my way".give him a lot of room and no problem.his eyesight is not all that good so when he takes off on a wave that somebody is already riding he thinks its a dolphin!so remember hes not doing it intentionally(?)he just cant see you!

Scott, he was looking right at me (I thought). Still, is there anyone you'd rather be on the water with?

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