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June 04, 2013


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I must admit I find it hard to predict what kiteboarders will do. I don't know enough about their sport to understand what the constraints on them are, what course they are trying to sail, when they will turn and what direction they will be going after they turn. Basically I just try and stay as far away from them as I can!

Sorry to hear about your injuries. Hope you are better soon.

Tillerman, the first thing necessary with kiteboarders is to determine whether or not they are any good. Newbie kiters (the ones who always seem to be going downwind) are musts to keep distance from. Forget any rules...they're not in much control and things can go bad fast. The kite lines are particularly dangerous. In my case the kiter was competent in terms of control skills, but clueless when it came to sharing the water. I would guess that he had not been a sailor or windsurfer before he took up kiting.

Well, that's the other thing. I never know if a kiteboarder knows anything about what a Laser can do and what course I can sail and why my constraints are.


Kiters...can't live with them, can't send sharks with lasers attached to their heads after them.

Get well soon!

Sweet. No pre-bandaging gory shots? Well, now you can sit with Richard Dreyfus (Mr. Hooper!) and Robert Shaw (?Quint)in their show & tell war wound sesh in Jaws. (I would have to whine about blisters and psychic humiliation. Wimpy)

Boy Oh Boy, this is a very tricky topic.
As I watched it unfold it was very clear that the kiter was oblivious, even aften Michael crashed hard and fast.
I have to say though that one of my favorite sailing partners is a kiter. We sail in close quarters and I've never once felt at risk, but the kiter in question has many years of water experience and is well educated in the rules of safety and right of way.

The age old discussion of the need for licensing/testing of water vessels comes to mind. But it's impossible to uphold and water sports manufacturers would be in uproar, for good reason.
That said, there isn't a racing dinghy or yacht that approaches a start line that isn't fully versed in all the sailing rules and familiar with the behavior of other vessels.

Like I said, tricky topic.
At the least, if we're going to get on any craft that goes 30 knots, we should know how to behave around others, motor boaters included, but that's another giant can of worms...


Blood and water, not a good combination. Oh Mr. Big Teeth!

Horse Joe, one of the many reasons Mecox is such a safe place to windsurf IMHO is it's an enclosed bay. What does that mean? It's a salt water bay sealed off from the ocean by a sand spit. The spit is cut open (hence the surf area on the ocean side is called The Cut) by the local authorities when the bay level gets too high (due to rain). It's also cut open by the ocean when mondo surf comes through. So the landlord isn't found at Mecox (barring some extremely bad luck during a storm.)

When I hear Mecox I remember a shell filleting the bottom of my foot wide open. Don't want to imagine hitting those things at speed.

sorry to hear about your mishap an inconsiderate kook by any other name is an inconsiderate kook; be them kiter,windsurfer,sailor,surfer,or sup'er-clueless is clueless and unfortunately their numbers are on the rise-so sail safe and keep ur eyes open and don't assume that anyone knows what they are doing! peace=BB

Dr. Pain! I could have used your help (not so much with the pain but with the bandaging.) Always wear booties at Mecox (and in all Long Island bays.)

Bill...no disparagement of kiters is implied above. Disparagement of oblivious morons with big toys...yes! Ask Jeff about when I SUPped right into him.

Blame Laird.

Keep a very careful eye on your cuts ... that bay is loaded with microbes and bad bugs!

Thank for the thought, Clyde. My cuts are fine (thank you neosporin) I have been sailing at Mecox for 20 years (and getting banged up there on occasion). Have never had a problem nor heard of one.

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