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September 03, 2013


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Go jeff Go with a Go and a Go Pro, way to go.

The Go is great! Fast, stable and spinny. For the record, the large Tuttle fin has been sawed in half.

Along with the Go, I've had a pleasure to ride a variety of SUPs (thanks to the generosity of Christian, the Wolf, C.D. & Jon Ford). My conclusion thus far: I'll gladly ride a wave on *any board* (though let it be a Starboard Hero Brushed Carbon model if at all possible).

That's awesome.

Riding real waves on a non-SUP seems to work much better than riding non-waves on a real SUP.

James, you are so right!

Surfing is surfing. I don't care how small. Sometimes, those are the best days.

Perception is reality.....Peace BB

Wow. Its awesome. I bought my SUP intending to just cruise around on Panama city and it was too much fun for me.

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