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November 25, 2013


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I scratched any on-water activity when I saw what the windspeeds were going to be. Not surprised windsurfers were out - youse guys is crazy (in the best way)!

Hey, there is winter sailing in NJ too! We sail the bay at Long Beach Island. Here is a clip from yesterday's sailing:

We love and share your LI Rule of 100, we find it applicable to LBI as well :)

Looking good, Mik! It's always good to learn of other people who know windsurfing in the Northeast can be spectacular, particularly if you have a 5/3 or a drysuit!

Thank you Puffin for highlighting an addiction. Good to see from the other comments that there are others with similar issues.

Looking forward to seeing (from my living room) the LI 'panzies' break the '50' barrier!


Brian, the guys in your article are warmer than 67 ("Yesterday's session was in 27 degree air temps with water in the 40s") so what's this talk about the 50's? That would be...cold! With a water temp of 33 it would require an air temp of 26 to come in at 59. Yikes! For myself I've worked out that in full blazing sun, 34 air is as low as can get comfortably ("comfort" being defined as not in freezing agony.)

Meanwhile we need someone to invent warm wave-worthy gloves!

grip is def the weakest link

Michael, You'll notice that I said 'from my living room'. You guys are about the craziest guys out there, in terms of cold weather sailing. Our (fresh) water is already changing phase, so it's not likely the Great Lakes guys will be out much longer - except for the prone surfers who find a way.
And I agree with you and George - da hands!

>Meanwhile we need someone to invent warm wave-worthy gloves!

so far, what works for us best is this:
2mm closed palm mitten (Neil Pryde used to make them in the past) combined with 100% wool mittens (wear them under the neoprene). I soak the wool mittens in a warm water before putting them on. Vadim prefers them dry in the beginning, but some water eventually gets in and soaks them anyway.

I have quicksilvers heated vest that works pretty good.on the high setting it actually gets too hot.the heating elements are made of carbon fiber which is water proof.so why cant they make heated gloves? I know a company in Switzerland that makes heated gloves but they are not waterproof.its the hands that stop me from long winter sessions.

It's the hands that stop us all, Lord Scotworth. That's why we take many short sessions instead!

It is the mind that stops a session not the hands! Peace BB

Or a destroyed sail, Bill! Not that you didn't warn me...


ok I think I have a good answer to the cold hands.ive never found mittens warm enough so Ive always used 2mm glacier gloves.the 2mm is good for grip but not really that warm.so what Ive done is taken an old pair of glacier gloves and cut them in half so that you have half a bottom and half a top.easy to cut along the stitching.now throw away the bottom halves.take the top half and glue it right over the back of the whole glove.it fits really good if you do it right and now you have a pair of 4/2mm gloves!the 4mm on the back covers the veins of blood in your hand and you still have good dexterity for grabbing the boom.warmest sailing gloves possible!

How about this idea from a crazy windsurfing Brit:


I'm sure there's a way to rig this tubing system up using an existing drysuit.

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