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November 05, 2013


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Glad you guys scored!

It was sweet, Bonnie! And it renewed my stoke for SUPsurfing. I've been having fun for the last few years, but not like first years when conditions were better. I'm back!

Arrggghhh! Sorry I missed it but glad you guys got some tasty looking waves.

OK, Now you have totally convinced me, I should get a 9.5" tuttle box wave fin for my wife's Starboard GO ... and a leash.

Oh and congrats on picking the right day. I went on Saturday, regular surfing (if you could call it that) it was too large and nonstop, no nice gaps to paddle out in. Come Sunday, I was done, cooked, kaput, woulda, shoulda have known better.

Phil, just find an old tuttle fin and saw it down. Jeff has been SUPsurfing this way all summer and he's had great success at it.

How big is Jeff's GO? I have a 170 L GO. And how big is the fin he is using? I have a 10 inch tuttle box Wardog Weedwave, would that be too big?

I think a 9-10" would work fine, though take care with weed fins which can be pointy and skin-piercing. I also wonder how tightly a weed fin can turn. Experiment and see!

The GO I'm riding is a 2004 165L ( http://2004.star-board.com/products/go.asp ), which came with a 58cm Drake Race fin (~23"). To survive the shallow depths of Pamlico Sound, I borrowed a saw from the guys at Ocean Air and chopped it down to 9.25". It still planes and can track upwind, but feels looser when turning. Good luck, let me know how you guys do GOsurfing.

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