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December 20, 2013


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December has been anything but quiet for this windchimp.It started with a few fun kiting days with waist to head high waves followed by 2 days of oil glass head high surf.Then 4 days of nukin 5.3 with 10-15ft faces;scary but great fun! Then several more kite days with small surf and a couple of 5.8 sessions ending with yesterdays nukin 7.5 kite sesh,then blown off a 5.3 with overhead surf in the late afternoon! A truely joyous holiday season.So I'd like to wish all the chimps and the Puffin Nation a very Christmas with much wind and waves for the new year! Peace BB

Bill is back in 'Rico! Send photos that we might share with the icebound Nation and chimpage. And a Merry Christmas to you (official PP Christmas post waiting for The Day.)

nukin 5.3 with 10-15ft faces? oh momma!

ps. pics or it didn't happen! ;)

Peconic Jeff , I cannot see how pics are needed, when in several postings your report says 6-8 ft and pics only show 3-4. Who needs reality......just have fun. Hate to agree with Bill but have seen 30ft faces here, not that I am out sailing in them. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all windchimps and puffins. Shred on. JH Will send pics

Merry Christmas! Looked like Santa sent some nice breeze today - hope you squeezed in a sesh!

Bonnie, there isn't enough wind to windsurf, but it was enough to get us (the Wolf and I, anyway...Jeff was still at it when I left) off of our SUP boards while paddle surfing. Post about the NYE SUPsurf sesh tomorrow!

Happy New Year Bonnie!

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