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February 26, 2014


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if you need gear i have the lightest freestyle boards w rdm masts and maui booms and North sails in all sizes available for the Puffin test team for FREE for the duration of your stay. I also have killer slalom gear i can
lend you w superlight rdm rigs. You just have to
go to my house down the road and get it as im in Long island
enjoying my drysuit. Next thurday is gonna nuke!

Kurt...dude...wish I'd known that two weeks ago! Thanks for the generous offer! Will touch base for the 2015 Peconic Puffin world equipment and fun tests. Wind next Thursday on LI? I hope to be there!

Hey Mike!
Juan here: stoked with the pics and recommendations! Quick question: do you happen to know how kid friendly is Bonaire?



Juan, I'm not a parent, but all my windsurfing friends with kids bring them to Bonaire, so I would say it's kid friendly. Like everything else I'm not sure about re Bonaire, I ask Ann Phelan (try the link in the blog post, or click on "Bonaire travel" under "More Windsurfing Resources" in the right hand column.)

Thanks man. I'll definitely consider it for my next vacation, it seems like the shallow waters would be great for kids, just to get them hooked... then it's windsurfing vacations for all of us for the rest of our lives!

rampages of appreciation for your loyal business and supporting my life and our economy whilst satisfying your windsurf addiction...welcome back soon..

Hey Juan, I've been going to Bonaire for the past 10 years, minus this year :-( Bonaire is one of the most kid friendly places I've ever been. I've got a 7 and 6 year old and they've been to Bonaire every year since birth. Not only is the water shallow, but there are also small grassy areas right in front of the beach that act as buffers so that they can play in the water without worrying about some out of control windsurfer flying through the area. Sandy beach, food on site at multiple locations. I would just bring down a couple little shovels and buckets for building sand castles and they were good for 2 weeks of fortifying our beach chairs from sea monsters and tsunamis.

There are lots of other little kids playing their too, so they'll definitely make some little friends on the beach.

The only thing is that when you go out to eat, things take a loooooong time to come out, so bring the kids something to do while waiting for dinner in the restaurants.

Have fun,


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