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April 09, 2014


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It was more sideshore at gilgo because of the angle of l.i. and the shore break at gilgo,tobay is less crunchable.

That's my line in the sand, and here's another: I won't be missing any more side-off days!

That direction looks manageable. Some days i'll go greater than 45degrees off.

The interesting thing is that as it goes further and further offshore, you have a tougher and tougher time keeping up with the swell,...and are more likely to slide off the back. Especially if in the shlog/plane zone.

You get forced into driving seemingly way down wind just to catch something, often the wave behind you but once caught, the speed is awesome

Bigger swell is better. Small days not worth it. Pretty far offshore sometimes feels safe as you are driving along the beach, and don't need to go too far out....Don't go farther than you can swim!(duh)

Looks like a "halfway decent" angle. Just have to remember that paddling in after a breakdown can be relatively paddling into the wind, which is hard going.

There are a lot of advantages to side off for wave riding. As OC said up to 45 deg angle is doable. Never seem to have any issue getting back in as the swell can push you in.
Best angle seems to be 10- about 25 deg. After that it gets trickier to catch the wave unless you have good board speed ahead of the wave.

The advantge when on the wave is you can generate a lot of power in the sail and all of pics you see of big off the lip ariels are typically in side off wind.

Embrace it.

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