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June 02, 2014


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Mike,I must take umbrage with your assessment;first,though a surf snob at heart,I never said "I' show you......er's how it's done,and second you didn't mention that after suiting and checking conditions,I didn't even
try to get out being too tired from surfing head high barrels all morning at the other inlet.And third,Sunday was by far best day in weeks,if you were in the right spot! Glad we were all havin'fun! Peace BB

Bill Bill Bill...it's all true (what you state). I actually never heard you say anything...I got the quote from Scott, who was perhaps still umbraged over Bill's Bowl, as we discussed at the 'Dome. We must remember that this is The Peconic Puffin, where screw ups and mistakes are celebrated (by me) and fun shall be made! Sunday was something...for me my one "good" wave was the best wave I've been on in years. Glad you caught some head-high barrels elsewhere.

sorry bill but you did say "I will show you guys how to get out !". I must say its the first time I ever saw bill get denied in over 25 years ! and I got out in a kayak!!

Bill must be very good indeed if you've never seen him denied in 25+ years. Still the question remains: Scott got out in a kayak, and I (known as the last person to find a way out) got out too. So what happened? Those morning head-high barrels must have been something. I'd like to catch me such a barrel (and live to tell about it!)

Boys,it's all good,Sir Shall not be made fun of has tongue planted firmly in cheek.and kielt ,I was not denied;I chose not to paddle out,you know that if I wanted to get out:I would have gotten out......so just keep surfin' I mean suppin',I mean kyakin'or whatever Peace BB

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