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August 26, 2015


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you are so funny! HEAR hear! I swim out in the Sound by East Marion almost everyday, and I know my chances of being hit on Rte 25 by a texting or drunk driver are higher than being 'tasted'.

But still, I bring a lot of gauze, heavy flow period pads (to soak up what gushes out the wound) and my cellphone (that has no reception there) and have emergency numbers written, just in case I am not conscious to tend to my bite(s), since I swim alone.

And I try to breath out like a huge monster, not like a tasty seal, so the sharks aren't tempted.

I just bought this book:
The Animal Answer Guide, by Gene Helfman and George H. Burgess


I'll send to you when done, or we meet for beer and I give it to you!!!

Michael, I'm with you on this one. Maybe that's why the Might Larry Hoff switched to the Great Lakes.

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