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April 04, 2016


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Yowza! I can relate to that feeling of being so lit that the "beach jibe" is the only safe option. Cool video.

39 degrees? Is my calendar broken? We're breaking out the shorties down south.

All kidding aside, that's serious wind. We rarely get sails out that size without participation of the National Hurricane Center.

One of my first instructor trainers, Ray Killen at Katabasis, created a very funny specific version of the Beaufort Scale. If you were ever looking for a fun writing project, maybe over beers with your windsurfer crew, it would be fun to see a windsurfer version!

I'm always fascinated and awed by the way that just when I'm looking at the weather forecast and saying "Hm, looks like a good day to stay home and cook", you and your gang are all going "Hey gangies, meet me at the beach, wind gods say IT'S TIME TO SHRED!"

oops think my link got lost:

Beaufort Scale for Paddlers

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