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October 05, 2019


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Oh geez, Michael.... Yes, take a day off!

Jibing is not the only way to turn around. Suggestion from the peanut gallery: when facing steep, short-period chop, consider tacking. You might grind to a halt, but you probably won’t get launched.
Suggestion #2: duck jibe. That way, you should be sheeted in and better able to control the bounce more quickly, e.g, before dead downwind.

Worst case, do an old school jump jibe. You will certainly grind to a halt, but you may look (retro) cool in the process.

I hope you feel better soon and get back out on the water, Michael.

Thank you Mighty Larry for your thoughts. In retrospect an old school Jump Jibe or Slam Jibe was probably the best option. There was no controlling this bounce (I learned in mid-flight). On the 77 liter board I could probably attempt it with both feet in the straps (loosely)!

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