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April 12, 2020


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maybe bring some scuba gear ! :). that way your protected from covid-19 and if you get pinned down under your rig....your set.

A scuba mask, air tanks...yeah that would work!

Hey Michael,
Roger Jackson here.
Just thinking about some of the events I did back in the day.
What beach was it that we did the learn to windsurf in your area that time.
The one where we had the kids out on the boards with us.
What beach was that.
Roger Jackson

Hi Roger! I was talking about the Vintage Sailboard Class Racing Association to someone just a few weeks ago! The beach you are asking about is called Cold Spring. It is at the end of Cold Spring Point Road in Southampton. Hampton Watersports still rents gear and gives lessons there in the summer (who knows what this summer will be like...fingers are crossed.) Great to hear from you!

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