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June 02, 2024


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You're hooked! I can read between the blog lines!

Big congrats Michael, it does kind of suck you in.

Totally relate. When I first saw the wing, I thought it looked silly. I was wind-foiling then and preferred that. Then, one day, I discovered downwinders on a wing. That was the game changer. Dropping the wing and carving on big rolling swell is amazing. I'm hooked. You can't do this on a windsurfer, kite foil, or wind foil. You don't need perfect waves and wind to have fun anymore.

Not to mention carving turns in 10 knots of breze! Sometimes it reminds me a of snowboarding powder - The way you can carve out slow flowing turns.
It'll never replace windsurfing in 25-30 knots but it's something to get hooked on while you wait for 25-30K! Bring on the afternoon ocean breezes...

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